Here at Bryant Electrical Contracting, we’re excited about the wonder and joy that comes with the holidays. However, this is a critical time to discuss electrical safety. As any electrician will tell you, homeowners can sometimes run into both minor and more serious electrical issues this time of year. We want to help you avoid holiday trouble. Here are four important holiday electrical safety tips:

  1. Inspect all wires and outlets – First, go around and thoroughly check every outlet, extension cord, and lighted decoration for signs of damage. If you see anything that seems suspicious, don’t use the item. Throw out any replaceable items and call an electrician to fix anything that’s built into your home.
  2. Take measures to protect cords – Speaking of cords, make sure they are protected. Keep them out of the path of foot traffic. Store them behind furniture or in cabinets, keeping them away from curious children and pets.
  3. Check decorations for certification – Before you purchase any electrical decorations for your home, always check for a label showing it has been tested for safety.
  4. Turn off the lights – Finally, make sure you turn off your holiday lights when you head off to bed or leave home.

Need to speak with an electrician this holiday season? Don’t hesitate to give Bryant Electrical Contracting a call. We are always here to help you!