Knowing when to contact a residential electrician is one thing. But knowing when to contact a commercial electrician near you is a different situation. You see, there are many differences between an electrician who can make basic repairs and those who specialize in commercial electrical systems.  Bryant Electrical Contracting has some pointers to help you know when you need to call a commercial electrician.

  • You’re receiving complaints about electrical shocks – If you’ve gotten even one complaint about an electrical shock from your staff, don’t wait to call a commercial electrician. This is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. The longer you wait to get things checked out, the greater the risk that someone will be hurt. Help your employees feel safe and secure in the workplace by taking care of this important matter.
  • You’re dealing with blown circuits – Has changing a blown fuse become a regular business practice? If so, a commercial electrician needs to check things out. Circuit issues can be caused by many things, but they all reduce your productivity. Let the professionals investigate to find the root issue.
  • You’ve noticed odd smells or sounds – If anyone notices a strange smell or sound around outlets, appliances, or other electrical systems, be very cautious. These are two common indicators that you need a commercial electrician to conduct a full electrical inspection.

Get the right help for your South Carolina or North Carolina facility so you can more effectively manage your business and your money. Talk to a commercial electrician near you by calling Bryant Electrical Contracting in Rock Hill, SC.