When it comes to the electricity at your home, you’ll probably experience some problems from time to time. What do you do when that happens? Many people think they can fix simple electrical issues on their own. However, it’s always best to contact a residential electrician near you for help. When you notice any of these four common residential electrical problems, call Bryant Electrical Contracting for help

  1. Circuit breaker problems – A circuit breaker that trips and refuses to reset is frustrating. Often the issue can stem from an electrical overload. This can become a danger to your home if it isn’t fixed.
  2. Outlet complications – An outlet that doesn’t work could be caused by a ground-fault interrupter or by a part has become loose over time. Each of these can be easily fixed by an electrician.
  3. Light bulb and light fixture troubles – Flickering lights, fast-burning bulbs, and bulbs that dim are very common problems. Sometimes a poor electrical connection, electrical overheating issue, or other factor can cause these problems.
  4. Light switch issues – We get lots of calls for three common switch issues: warm switches, faulty switches, and random switches that homeowners don’t know the use for. While these can be pretty annoying for homeowners, they’re often fairly simple to fix.

If you need to call a residential electrician near you for help with any of the above issues, call Bryant Electrical Contracting. Let us tackle these issues for you!