Decking the halls for the holiday season? This can be a fun time for any homeowner, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. An electrician will tell you that this time of year can also bring about some concerns about the electricity in your home. Here at Bryant Electrical Contracting, we want to help you make your home merry and bright. Here are a few holiday lighting tips that may make things easier:

  1. Call an electrician – We recommend that you contact an electrician both before and after the holiday season. This way, you can ensure that your home’s electrical system is ready for the load from holiday lights and decorations – and that it’s still in good shape after all’s said and done.
  2. Inspect everything – Inspect every outlet, cord, and wire you plan on using during the holidays. Should you see signs of damage in one or more of these items, don’t use them. If the items in question are hard-wired into your home, get them repaired immediately.
  3. Don’t go it alone – When doing your decorating, it’s important to get a partner to help you. For example, if you plan on putting lights on a roof, you’re going to need spotters and other people to help you. Don’t try to set up electrical decorations alone.
  4. Give LED lights a try – Looking to save some money this holiday season? Invest in LED holiday lights, as these burn brighter and longer. Plus, they’re cost-efficient decorations.
  5. Remember lighting labels – Finally, make sure that you’re using safety-tested and certified lights. Also, use indoor lights inside, and outdoor lights outside.

Having electrical problems in your home? Get help by calling an electrician at Bryant Electrical Contracting. We’ll help get your electrical system in order so your home will glow with holiday cheer!