Electrical Products

Running an electrical contracting company takes more than just the best electricians around. You also have to use the best parts available. At Bryant Electrical Contracting, we don’t cut corners on wiring, cabling, or other components. We also find ways to enhance our customers’ homes, like the installation of a whole home generator. No matter why you call us, you’ll be able to trust that you’re getting the highest quality electrical products for your home or business in North Carolina or South Carolina.  

Whole Home Generator & Surge Protector Sales, Installation, & Service

In addition to the routine parts needed to make your residential or commercial property run, we specialize in the sales, installation, and service of specialized electrical products for your home or business. Talk to us if you’re interested in a Generac whole home generator, a whole house surge protector, or need hard-to-find-breakers.  

Generac Generators

You’ll never be in the dark again when you install a Generac generator at your home or business. Generac whole home generators are designed to start automatically whenever the power goes out. Forget the hassle of having to go out in bad weather or dangerous conditions. And since Generac generators are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy life without interruptions.  

Whole Home Surge Protectors

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Not only can lightning strike near your home or commercial property without warning, this type of sudden electrical charge can fry the wiring, outlets, equipment, and appliances at your property. But there is something you can do to protect your investment. Whole home surge protectors by Delta take the charge out of your home’s circuits before damage is done. You’ll reduce the chances of a fire and avoid spending money on costly electrical repairs.  

Hard-to-Find Breakers

Just like many other electrical components, breakers are sometimes redesigned for improved safety and reliability. However, the circuit breakers in your home or commercial building may still be working as they should. If you have breakers that are no longer being manufactured, they can be hard to find. If one goes out, do you have to replace the entire breaker box? You don’t if you call Bryant Electrical Contractors! We specialize in hard-to-find breakers for older homes and businesses. Not sure what you need? Just give us a call to talk to one of our electricians. We’ll help you find the right electrical parts.

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