Electrical Safety Inspections

Your home’s electrical system is at the heart of your life. In fact, it’s very easy to take it for granted until something stops working. However, even a properly functioning system can be hiding signs of trouble. Don’t put your property and your family at risk of a fire or other damage. Bryant Electrical Contracting provides electrical safety inspections for homes and businesses in North and South Carolina.

What’s Included in an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Our electricians are trained to spot problems and potential safety hazards. They’ll put their years of knowledge and experience to work as they inspect the various parts of your residential or commercial electrical network. Here are some of the main areas we’ll carefully check when we come out.
  • Check GFI outlets
  • Check attic for any damaged wiring
  • Check crawl space for any damaged wiring
  • Check smoke alarms for proper function
  • Check electrical service
  • Check for bonding and grounding
  • Check outlets and switches for proper function
There may be additional areas we check depending on your structure or any concerns you may have. Pricing for our electrical inspection services starts at just $289. Don’t put off this important service any longer—call today to schedule your electrical inspection from Bryant Electrical Contracting.  

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